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I am an IFS therapist and somatic practitioner. I work with adolescents, young adults, and couples across the world through both in-person and teletherapy.

I am currently based in India and Practicing for 7 years in Delhi.

The majority of my work is based on IFS therapy (Internal family systems Therapy) which I combine with other tools and techniques that focus on somatic support, nervous system support, attachment therapy, polyvagal theory, and techniques or CBT in my work.


I follow a holistic approach (which is non-pathological and compassionate) and combine all the appropriate ideas, tools, and techniques to meet your individual and unique needs.

I found IFS when I was searching for some deeper healing approaches to help myself with my symptoms of C-PTSD. Reading a chapter on Self-leadership in a book by Bessel van der Kolk called “The body keeps the Score” made me more curious to know and learn about it.

IFS work transformed my life in a huge way and still helping me to discover new hidden corners in my psychic and releasing some of the major intergenerational, childhood, and cultural trauma from my system.


I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to access a state of curiosity, courage, playfulness, and calmness, to be the wise and compassionate, loving parent to our internal system of parts. In working with you, my goal is to support you to reach that state by creating a safe space, respecting your pace, and welcoming and listening to all the parts without judgment.


  • Masters in Psychology, Counselling

  • Post- Graduation Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) Level 1 Training from IFS institute

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Training from Embody Lab

  • Advanced Training in RECBT(Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) from Albert Ellis Institute, New York

  • Training in Motivational Interviewing from West Texas A&M University

  • Training in Master Hypnotist from California Hypnosis Institute, USA

  • Training in Somatic therapy and Polyvagal theory with Famous Somatic Coaches Mastin Kipp and Sarah Baldwin

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