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IFS Therapy

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems. In IFS we see our internal world as our internal family and go inside to see why some of the members(parts) are stuck, behave a certain way, and believe certain things.


We help those worried, anxious, wounded parts by being in “Self” (which is our core or true essence of being), also considers a state of being Calm, curious, confident, clear, compassionate, and connected.

Some of those parts long to transform, but because of trauma, they are often forced to take on some extreme protective roles….

And the better we get to know all of our parts, the easier it becomes to navigate in that inner world.

Slowly you become friends with your parts and as it works in good relationships, trust develops.


And with trust, parts become less rigid and eventually even soften their guard, showing us what is underneath…. why they have been working so hard for such a long time. When there is enough trust, we will get to know those parts that have been pushed away and invite them to release the pain they are carrying so our whole system can relax around that topic.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Healing is a body-oriented approach to the release of trauma and other stress disorders that may affect us physically or emotionally.


When trauma is held in the body, there is often a level of disassociation and resistance that we experience, either knowingly or unknowingly. This disassociation and resistance can result in physical pain, emotional disconnection, or the tendency to create unhealthy patterns in our lives.


Somatic release techniques guide the client toward heightened awareness of the body's physical sensations and how they may relate to corresponding emotions, memories, or belief systems and in doing so, can facilitate the release of this stuck energy from the body. 

Somatic therapy combines mindfulness, grounding techniques, touch, movement, regulation of your nervous system, and specific techniques to repair and restore the function of your Vagus nerve.

It can help you get your life back on track, regain a sense of safety in your body, relationships, and environment, and exercise choices that use your strengths and expand what’s possible for us.

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