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                                  Refund and Cancellation Policies

Booked Sessions’ on the system by the client or by Sakshi Danwar as requested by the client must be paid for in full before any time spent with the Psychologist can commence.

If you fail to make the payment 24hrs prior to the session, that session is immediately made available to other Client wishing to book including those on a waitlist for the soonest available appointment and so you are at risk of losing your booking. In such cases where you fail to pay 24hrs in advance, it is your responsibility to confirm that the slot is still available with us before commencing to pay if you fail to follow the 24hr requirements or you could risk losing in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Non-Payment: If we do not receive payment, we will choose to assume you do not wish to commit to the appointment and will cancel and/or give the appointment to another Patient. You will be required to rebook.


1. The Client is eligible for a refund if the Client cancels or rearranges prior to exactly 24hrs prior to the arranged session. To avoid any doubt 24hrs is exactly 24hrs so in this example, if a session is booked for Wednesday at 5 pm the 24hrs prior to this session would be 5 pm on the preceding Tuesday. The Client will not receive a refund of any monies for any session canceled within 24hrs prior to a session. In all cases, the Client will effectively have paid for the session slot. If written cancellation is received within the 24hrs prior to the booked session the Client has no claim to this session time and the Psychologist then reserves the right to offer that time slot to other Clients and may book that time slot with another Client.

The Client may not re-book that time slot once written cancellation has been received. The Client may rebook a time that is next convenient for them, on the booking system online.

2. The Psychologist reserves the right to terminate the session earlier than arranged. If the Psychologist and the client agree the problem has reached a satisfactory resolution of the problem that the client booked the session for, then the client will not receive a refund of any monies for the remaining time and the session will be finished early. You will be made aware of a realistic time frame based on previous appointments with other clients and the Psychologist will arrange the appropriate time slot from the estimation according to previous experience. You will not be made to expect that the problem will require more time than the Psychologist deems necessary from previous experience with other Patients. Sometimes a client requires more time or less time than expected and this in most cases can only become known in a session when working with the client and Psychologist. If you are in any doubt or have any questions relating to the agreed time slot, you must raise the appropriate questions with the Psychologist prior to booking the arranged session. You are not entitled to any refund or any monies for any remaining time if a session finishes earlier than booked and arranged in any circumstances including those that are out of the control of the Psychologist or the Client. Whether the session is ended earlier or extended, the consultation fee remains the same.

3. The Psychologist Sakshi Danwar, reserves the right to terminate a session without a refund if it is considered that you are a personal risk to her or anyone in the clinic, office, or environment. The appropriate services will also be alerted in all cases of violence or personal threats. Vandalism, personal threats, verbal abuse, or physical abuse is not tolerated and the session will be canceled with immediate effect without refund of any monies for any time with the Psychologist or remaining time of the booked session. The Psychologist receives the right to protect the interests of the business and their personal safety and will terminate the session with the client if the business is compromised by the client in any way, without refund to the Client.

4. The length of the appointment is at the discretion of the Psychologist. Although scheduled for a specific length of time generally 50 minutes, if the Psychologist considers it is appropriate to end the session, the Psychologist reserves the right to do so. The Psychologist can terminate the session if they consider that it is not in your best interests to continue with the session and the Psychologist is not required to say the reason why.

5. When booking from outside India the appointment time and further communication regarding the appointment are in the time zone of your current location. There is an option for you to change the time zone during the booking process if required. If you have booked in the wrong time zone, the Psychologist cannot be responsible for the error. This will be counted as a missed session and payable by the Patient and not the Insurer if you are insured.

6. You may rearrange and rebook an appointment on the system before 24 hours to change the day/date and time and you may rebook your appointment as often as is necessary. If for some reason, you are unable to cancel or rebook before the 24-hour cancellation or rebooking period because there is an error on the system, you will be expected to inform Sakshi Danwar at immediately. Failure to do so will be at the cost of the Client.

7. Accepted methods of Payment

All one-to-one executive coaching, private and supervision sessions are to be paid online at the time of booking your appointment. For payments, this website uses Stripe which is a secure mobile and online payment service which accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers worldwide.


Cancellation can be done online by the client, with a minimum of 24 hours before a session for a refund in full. 24 hours is exactly 24 hours prior to the arranged time – e.g., an appointment arranged for 2 pm Thursday must be canceled by 2 pm the Wednesday before. If a client attempts to cancel a session before the 24-hour cancellation period and there is an error on the booking system, the client is expected to contact Sakshi Danwar immediately so that she may rectify the issue.

If a client fails to give 24 hours' notice for their cancellation, they will not receive a refund for the booked session.

Rescheduling before the 24-hour deadline will allow fees to be carried over to the new appointment but under the same terms and conditions for canceling. These conditions are applicable to emergency situations also.

Psychologists may terminate the working relationship with the Client at the discretion of the Psychologist.

Confidentiality, Health & Safety

1. The Psychologist agrees to confidentiality between the Client and the Psychologist. Sakshi Danwar reserves the right not to disclose any session information to any third party even at the request of the Client unless there is a written requirement to do so by law. Sakshi Danwar reserves the right to inform the police or appropriate services of your condition and intentions relating to any information she considers appropriate to help them with their inquiries and for the interests of the public. This information may include session notes and recordings if she considers you a risk to yourself or to others.

2. You are not permitted to record the session on the phone or otherwise unless you have written consent from the Psychologist. The Psychologist also requires confidentiality of the Client and in no circumstances is the Client permitted to disclose written, recorded, or distributed correspondence of the session, pre-session, or post-session. The correspondence and all therapy and coaching advice and application are only permitted to be used by the client for which it was issued and intended. All written and verbal communication is in context with the session and must not be used out of context. The relationship between the client and the Psychologist towards the desired outcome and/or Goal and hypnosis recordings if any and all relating correspondence by phone and in writing is strictly only for use of the Client and the Psychologist. The Psychologist accepts no responsibility for the effecting use of material recorded or written for any person other than the Client for which the material and correspondence was intended.

3. Any material shared is the intellectual property and copyright of Sakshi Danwar. The Psychologist owns the rights to any recorded material created for the client and requires written permission for any recorded or written material to be used. The client is not permitted to copy, reproduce or display publicly or electronically any recording or correspondence between the Psychologist and the Client or issued by the Psychologist to the Client. The client agrees to use the material as directed and Sakshi Danwar accepts no liability for the use of any written or recorded material.

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