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                                                                                   Privacy Policy

1. The Psychologist agrees to confidentiality between the Client and the Psychologist. Sakshi Danwar reserves the right not to disclose any session information to any third party even at the request of the Client unless there is a written requirement to do so by law. Sakshi Danwar reserves the right to inform the police or appropriate services of your condition and intentions relating to any information she considers appropriate to help them with their inquiries and for the interests of the public. This information may include session notes and recordings if she considers you a risk to yourself or to others.

2. You are not permitted to record the session on the phone or otherwise unless you have written consent from the Psychologist. The Psychologist also requires confidentiality of the Client and in no circumstances is the Client permitted to disclose written, recorded, or distributed correspondence of the session, pre-session, or post-session. The correspondence and all therapy and coaching advice and application are only permitted to be used by the client for which it was issued and intended. All written and verbal communication is in context with the session and must not be used out of context. The relationship between the client and the Psychologist towards the desired outcome and/or Goal and hypnosis recordings if any and all relating correspondence by phone and in writing is strictly only for use of the Client and the Psychologist. The Psychologist accepts no responsibility for the effecting use of material recorded or written for any person other than the Client for which the material and correspondence was intended.

3. Any material shared is the intellectual property and copyright of Sakshi Danwar. The Psychologist owns the rights to any recorded material created for the client and requires written permission for any recorded or written material to be used. The client is not permitted to copy, reproduce or display publicly or electronically any recording or correspondence between the Psychologist and the Client or issued by the Psychologist to the Client. The client agrees to use the material as directed and Sakshi Danwar accepts no liability for the use of any written or recorded material.

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